Written By Omilola Oshikoya


A lot of people want to start their own business however they are discouraged when they look at the amount of money they have in their bank accounts or rather the fact that they don’t have any money at all. Unfortunately most of these people relinquish their dreams as a result.

There are so many misconceptions that you need money to make money. Unfortunately, people fail to realize that it is possible to make money without money.

I love this quote which says “vision precedes provision”. This is so true. No wonder, one of the wisest men that ever lived said, “where there is no vision my people perish”. Most times we put the cart before the horse by thinking about money first, however provision follows vision. According to Steve Jobs an “entrepreneur needs vision”. Anthony Robbins says ‘it’s not about your resources it’s about your resourcefulness”.

If you do not have money and want to earn money or start your own business, do not despair, you are not alone. Most successful entrepreneurs in the world today started off with little or no money at all.

So how do you make money without money?


There are many ways to do this. The advent of technology, particularly the internet is one of this generation’s greatest gifts. There are many ways you can make money with little or no money on the internet. You can set up a free blog on word press or blog spot and earn advertising revenue or start an online business.

Brett Kelly is a perfect example of someone who made money and even got his dream job with as little as $100. Brett was a talented programmer /blogger, who stumbled upon a new software he really enjoyed using called Evernote and decided to write an e-book, Evernote Essentials, on how to use the software.

He contacted the company via their general email to ask if he could use their logo. They really liked the idea of the book and agreed he could use the name but not the logo. They also offered to help promote the book. He sent the first draft for review and they liked it and told him the CEO of the company wanted to meet him. He met the CEO, who offered him a job that he wasn’t even looking for and he was allowed to work from home since he didn’t want to move cities. Not only did he make money from sales of the e-book but he was also able to earn money from his dream job. They created a job for him, that didn’t even exist, based on his strengths i.e. writing and programming. He runs the corporate website and writes user documentation.

In conclusion the most important thing is to have a vision, start small and start now. Money is definitely not a limiting factor neither is it a means to an end.


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OmilolaA UK certified life, financial intelligence/wealth/business coach and  public speaker, Omilola is a seasoned Financial Analyst with 11 years’ work experience in Finance and Accounting. Covering areas such as Fund Management, Infrastructure/Project Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Advisory, Project Management, Internal Control Analysis and Audit. Armed with a BA in Accounting and Finance from the University Of Kent (UK), Omilola obtained a certificate in latest techniques and software for performing Hotel market studies and valuations from the School of Hospitality Management, PennState University, Pennsylvania, USA.  She also writes a column for a widely read newspaper and  hosts a blog. Follow Omilola on twitter @Omilola for more financial tips