Written By: Enahoro Okhae


You can’t know everything and you can’t have everything, sorry; it’s a fact of life; you will always need to LEVERAGE on other people because MAN is limited; limited to time, money, capacity and several other kinds of resources. One of the most important places you go to in the time of need is your Phone Contact List. Telephone is the fastest medium of communication and in it we save names and numbers of people. Ever wondered why you have to save someone’s number?

The answer is simple; it’s simply to be able to relate with them continuously. Logically, when you RELATE with them, you build a RELATIONSHIP and relationship as you know is the single most important resources anyone can have. From that phone you can immediately get out of debt, get out of danger, get a highly needed equipment and so on by just placing a call; sometimes I wonder how we survived a life without mobile phone. Now your ability to Leverage on someone in the time of need from that phone will be determined by the color of that contact. The contacts on your phone are divided into four different colors namely; Red, Blue, Green and Black Contacts.

Enahoro Phone Contact Picture

Red contacts are ACTIVE contacts, those you are in active and close communication with; you have related with them in recent times and on a continuous basis, they won’t be surprised to see your name pop up on their phone if you call. Red contacts are the easiest to Leverage on, because the relationship is warm and active.

Now when you don’t call, or relate with the Red contacts on your contact list over a period of time they don’t stay Red, they become Blue, Blue contacts are inactive contacts, the relationship between you and the Blue contacts becomes Lukewarm and inactive, because there is no activity. The danger behind this is that when you need to Leverage on these contacts you don’t feel too comfortable, you feel the guilt of not being in touch as, the warmth is no longer there. You feel that the person will think you are contacting them simply because you have a need not because you care. In the time of need you don’t have the confidence to get available help simply because you allowed the contact go Blue.

Now at this point something critical happens; some people go ahead to make the call anyway; and use that opportunity to start building back the contact to Red; that is active. Unfortunately some other people allow their guilt takeover and as such refuse to make that call; that contact begins to deteriorate further to color Green.

Now your relationship with a Green contact is a dormant relationship. The relationship has grown from warmth when you collected the person’s card or saved the person’s number to Cold. It will be very difficult to Leverage on a cold relationship. Relationships don’t get cold; we make them cold by not keeping in touch. You saved that number because you want to relate with that person and because that person is somewhat important; what is the worth of saving someone’s number and allowing it to grow Green.

The last color on your phone contact list is Black, these are dead contacts, you still have their names on your phone but they have long changed their number, you see them on the Television, but you can’t reach them, in fact they probably don’t remember you anymore; you started a relationship but you did not sustain it, it’s a wasted effort. You can never leverage on a Black Contact because you cannot even reach them.

Should you call people every day? Well it depends, for some people what keeps the relationship Red is daily communication while for some others weekly, monthly or quarterly will suffice.

Sieve your network today, what color is prevalent in your contact list.   Take a step today; begin to push your Green and Blue contacts back to Red by giving them a call and keeping it active by relating constantly. Someday you will need them; you can’t really tell when you will.

As I close, there are some people you must have on your contact list. They are doctor, automobile mechanic (if you drive), Police man, Cable repairer, Account officer, Children’s Teacher, Pastor and the likes. These guys come handy in times of need; they must be made Red.

From Mr. Leverage as always…keep leveraging.


Enahoro Okhae

Also known as Mr Leverage, Enahoro Okhae is the Principal Strategist of Simeon’s Pivot; a Performance Enhancing; Management Training and Consulting firm. Enahoro is a Certified Life Coach with niche area in Peak Performance, he  focuses on Peak Performance for individuals and organizations . He is an Alumni of Enterprise, a seasoned Trainer certified by Industrial Training Fund (ITF)and a member of  the Nigeria Institute of Training and Development( NITAD).

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