Written by Ade A. Adefemi


A young boy had lost his left arm in a ghastly motor accident. He felt like he had lost his life and future. But a certain Judo teacher decided to train him to fight Judo. At first the boy was reluctant, but he eventually decided to give it a try. After learning the basics, the master went ahead to teach this boy only one move but made the boy practice this move every day for 3 months to the point where he had perfected the move.

The following month, the Judo master enrolled this one-armed boy for a state wide competition, but the boy was shocked. He asked his master “How come you enrolled me in a competition knowing you have only taught me one move”. His master told him not to worry, but to do his best.

The boy had his first fight and to his own surprise he defeated his opponent, and he went on, all the way to the final and won the competition knowing how to fight with only one move. On their way home the boy couldn’t help his curiosity and he asked his teacher “Master how come I won a whole state competition with just one move?” The master then looked into the boy’s eyes for a few seconds, he smiled and then answered “You won the competition with one move because your one move only has one way to defend against it and that is to grab your left arm”.

What really is Coaching all about?

Let’s define coaching in the simplest way. Coaching is a process of helping people move from here they are to where they want to be. It’s about helping people dig deep into themselves to find strength and power to achieve their goals, dreams and visions, despite their short comings.

Have you ever noticed that actors, musicians, athletes, footballers and sports professionals in general all have coaches? One of my favorite players is the Serbian Novak Djokovic, He did something that caught my attention late last year. I read in the papers that he had hired multiple grand slam winner, Boris Becker as his coach. Apparently, Novak realized there was an area of his game he needed to work on to be more competitive and productive, and he went and got the new coach who he felt could help him.

According to Djokovic, he feels his struggles are as much to do with the mental side of the game as the physical, which is one of the reasons why he turned to Becker. The same way in your business, career, relationship and performance you need a coach. There are certified coaches who are skilled and specialized in each of these areas.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

People hire coaches for the following reasons:

Performing at your peak

A Certified Peak Performance Coach will:

Over the last 10 years, I have researched, studied and worked with some of the most excellent and successful people on this side of the planet and helped them improve as well as helping others excel and finding their own excellence within.

Peak Performance is a level in your life, business and career, where you are able to get excellent results on a consistent basis. And coaching can help you attain and retain peak performance.

Therefore, if you are willing and ready to get more out of life and perform at your peak in business, career, relationship and personal achievement, You need a good and certified coach. Get one NOW!

You Will Excel!


Coach Ade Adefemi   Ade A. Adefemi ,Triple A(The Excellence Activator), as he is fondly called,  is a          Performance & Personal Excellence Expert, A Certified  Life Coach & NLP                    practitioner(U.K) he is also a Leadership Advisor and Youth minister.

  He coaches executives, facilitates trainings and seminars and speaks at conferences.     He is married to his girlfriend MobolaAde-Adefemi.
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