The greatest areas of struggle in making impossibilities POSSIBLE are  in the domain of the Spirit and Mind. Why? Because man is ignorant about the dynamics of these dimensions Ignorance is at 4 levels 


Here is another Dimension to making the imPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. With God ALL things are POSSIBLE. However, it’s God’s responsibility to bless us but it’s our responsibility to receive and keep our blessings. Get this: God is not going to BLESS you. God has ALREADY BLESSED you. It has ALREADY HAPPENED in the Spiritual. So, how […]

Destiny vs DESTINY … How to Guarantee Greatness

So does this presuppose that there can be two destinies then? Which of the two can make you The Greatest – “Destiny or DESTINY”? Which makes you greater in real life? Destiny through your Diligence, Determination, Focusing on a Goal and Hard Work or DESTINY through your God given Gift/Talent, Personal Development and Commitment I […]

NIGERIA 2015: The True Winner and What You Can Learn

Yesterday, after a long wait, the new president elect (Gen. Muhammadu Buhari)  of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was declared by the INEC Chariman, Prof. Attahiru Jega. Here are some winners and what we can learn from them written beside each point. Congratulations to PDP, APC and other Political Parties for a keenly contested election […]

ARSENE WENGER: Not a Fairy Tale

Not everyone is smiling at Arsenal now, especially devoted Arsenal FC fans across the globe. Wenger and his boys were knocked out of the Champions League competition last night after what can be termed a good game by the lads. For the Economist (Wenger) and Arsenal, in the business side of things, the chance of […]

WISDOM NUGGETS FOR TODAY: What is Your Honor Quotient?

As You daily Attract, Develop and Sustain HONOR You must Measure your HONOR QUOTIENT So how do You Measure Your HONOR QUOTIENT? Let me take my example from a secular perspective It is customary for those who are in the entertainment industry to receive Praise, Endearment, Adoration, Accolades which is mistaken for HONOR. Many people Celebrate […]