Day 3 – IDENTITY: Have we lost ours as Africans?

In Game of Thrones, their IDENTITY was their right to EXIST. They were proud about who they were, hence, they announced and introduced themselves with a sense of PRIDE and it drove them and their daily actions. This was exhibited by the houses, their sigils (badges) and motto. Examples of the main houses, their sigils […]

Are You a Winner or…

“All you know is all you have learnt andAll you have learnt, is not all there is to know Your Life Experience is therefore a Function of your Knowledge and Ignorance – The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola When talking about a winner, you look at his/her mindset, psychology and much more. You must first see yourself […]

DAY 24 – The Principle of a Sound Mind

Day 24 – 24th September, 2017 Law No 20 – The Principle of a Sound Mind.   For God has not given you the spirit of fear but of Love, Power and a Sound Mind. The reason why most people are struggling is because they’re struggling with understanding and mastering their souls and minds.   Many […]

How to Press the Reset Button and Finish 2016 in Style!

It’s almost the end of 2016, how have you done so far with your 2016 Goals? You can start afresh and still finish the year and beyond in style.  You may be saying to yourself right now “but September is almost over, how do I finish 2016 in style?” Life is about what you make of […]

MIND THE GAP X – 13 Steps You Should Take Before Saying “Yes”!

Thank you for all your comments on the different  issues we have raised on our Mind The Gap X story series. Sadly, these are all real-life issues and they have become very rampant today. I will reply to the stories about sexual prowess and being able to identify if  your spouse is gay – please […]

MIND THE GAP X: Divorce or Death?

Here is another traumatic story from our Mind the GAP X Series. The story of Akolade Arowolo is one of the well-known stories in Nigeria.  He was a former Youth Pastor who killed his wife in 2011, and is now serving a death sentence in Prison in Nigeria. His wife had complained regularly to everyone that […]