The 5 Critical keys to Life, Career and Business Success

Since the 1st of June, we have been dealing with Success in Life, Career and Business. The feedback so far has been amazing and I hope you have been inspired and motivated to succeed. Life, Career and Business success hinges on 5 critical keys working together as one master key. 1) Well Formed Outcomes (A […]


What else does TRUE LOVE mean to you? People use the word ‘LOVE’ in many  different ways. Here is Bisi’s Definition of LOVE: A very poor man lived with his wife whose hair was so long it touched the waist. One day the wife asked her husband to buy her a comb for her long […]

3 Things You Need to Achieve Your Desired Level

  Many times, we look at others and their perceived successes and desire to be just  like them.  The truth is , to move from where you are to where you truly desire to be, you must be willing to do some work.This movement is hinged on three key things. 1. You need to first […]

DISCIPLINE Affirmations 01

I have written a special Discipline  Affirmations for you, let’s take them  together; (Say them out loud)  I am DISCIPLINED it helps me “Be All That I Was Born To Be” DISCIPLINE Gives me Willpower and Self-control. With DISCIPLINE I go far and I fly high  With DISCIPLINE I can go all the way With […]

Defeating Your Greatest Enemy

In war, the first thing you need is to have a clear picture of who your enemy is.  When you know your enemy, you can now try to understand the enemy. You find his/her weaknesses and plan how to use them against him. When you can master your enemy, there is  nothing he could do […]

It’s Less Than 7mins But This Video Will Change Your Life

I bet you have seen so many of such captions but you can believe me when I say something will change your life. Your thoughts (positive or negative) will change your life and this video will change your thoughts positively. It is only 6mins+ but in it, you will watch and read tit-bits at the […]