4 Powerful Life Saving Lessons to Learn from the Thailand Cave Rescue

What was supposed to be a fun outing after a football practice for a group of 12 young boys, turned out to be an incident that kept the world in suspense for 18 days. All thanks to my research coaching intern, Gbemi Obadan, I became very informed about and interested in the key Lessons from […]

FATHER’S DAY – Ten key Responsibilities For Every Father

Happy Father’s Day! On this day, I want us as fathers and aspiring fathers to meditate on some truths.  Our Model or standard of fatherhood is God the Father. His greatest fatherhood tool is – LOVE. LOVE Drives God the Father to GIVE! “Behold what manner of LOVE that the father has given unto us, that we […]

CRISTIANO RONALDO: The Honor in Hard Work

WHO IS A MAN OF HONOR? Christiano Ronaldo who was yesterday HONORED as the World’s best footballer for the 3rd Time, believes that work ethic, dedication, commitment and consistency are the keys that set him apart from other players. He validates what we have been talking about all month “HONOR” He knows that; HONOR from […]


  Today, we continue with the enemies of honor. We deliver  the people and the leaders in Nigeria from the following enemies of HONOR,  Amen ELIMINATE ENEMY NO2: LACK OF DIRECTION AND WRONG DECISIONS “A wise person chooses the right road; A fool takes the wrong one”. – Ecclesiastes 10:2 AVOID ENEMY NO3 IN 2015: STOP […]

Holiday Nuggets: The Real Meaning of Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day! The reason why you do what you do is more important than what you do” “Knowing the Purpose of your Action gives you the FULL Benefits of your Action” – The CatalystIt is in this regard that I share the following information with you; Boxing Day is a holiday traditionally celebrated the […]


Over the past few days, I have been talking about Habits on “Wisdom Nuggets For Today” that I share on my social media platforms and many have requested for quick practical  steps to stopping a HABIT. “HABITS can’t be easily stopped; They can be easily Replaced with another HABIT” – The Catalyst “Many people pray […]