ANALYSIS: Triple Review by Prof. Jumoke Oduwole, Lilian Olubi and Lanre Olusola

Last night I went to the movies with my friends Prof. Jumoke Oduwole and  Lilian Olubi and we watched in complete AWE, a movie by Our Own “GENIUS” KUNLE AFOLAYAN – October 1st 

Immediately after the film I called Kunle Afolayan who was boarding a flight and handed over the phone to Jumoke to speak to him and she EXPLODED. WOW! I said  to her “You MUST write about your experience in that cinema” so she has graciously done so.

Jumoke Writes: 

Chinua Achebe, through his writings, advocated for the need for us to look back in history in an attempt to identify where we went wrong as a nation, and in a wider sense as a continent.  He often quoted an Igbo proverb which has become one of my favorites – “A man who does not know where the rain began to beat him cannot say where he dried his body.”  Indeed, it is only through balanced knowledge and appreciation of Nigeria’s past that we might know who we are, and only then might we fully understand where we ought to be going and how to get there.

Tonight I had the singular honor of watching “October 1”, a movie born a classic.  Amazingly, this film captures the very essence of the geographical construct called Nigeria.  Without giving the plot away, I will say that it is a nuanced, complex, rich yet accessible story that portrays the multidimensional nature of the deep-seated issues we face as a people; as an artificial (now real?) collective known as Nigerians. “October 1” is a gripping thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat, with snippets of comedy and drama thrown in, yet with a deep and thought provoking thread of social justice that agitates and inspires me simultaneously.

Although I have never met him, I feel a strong sense of pride towards Kunle Afolayan, his cast and production team, for executing Tunde Babalola’s script with such sublime excellence. By any standard, “October 1” was beautifully done and I unreservedly call it a masterpiece. Indeed, this country is ours, good or bad….whatever we make of it. I have, truly, been rejuvenated in my soul after a long week!


  “I stayed up for hours into the night restless and meditative from what I had just encountered. Each reflection on the scenes in this thought provoking movie revealed fresh layers of insights depicting our dear nation.

October 1st captured so creatively the social injustices, tribal tensions and tendencies, the pain and motives behind our actions but most poignantly the intricate and fragile composition of Nigeria.

The acting and production was perfection. That one could laugh and cry, sigh and wrench… infact, enough respect for the mind and person of Kunle Afolayon. Masterpiece!  May God bless our nation”

Lilian Olubi (CEO, Primera Africa Securities)

As I watched October 1st in my humble opinion ‘The most Phenomenal Nigerian movie’ I have ever watched and the words of Eryca Freemantle kept ringing in my ears.

“It is important to tell someone when you’re being abused and how the abuser made you feel.  There is no need to be alone.  You must talk about your abuse because abuse can and does eat you alive and you can never be yourself without professional help…”

The film reminds me of her life story and experience of abuse from the age of 4 years and its eventual effect in her life many Years after.

So as a people and a nation we cannot create a new future until we learn from the past, release it and take responsibility to create our future with what we know about who we are and what we do today.The Nigeria we see today is the harvest of the seeds that were sown yesterday; To experience a New Nigeria (harvest) we MUST uproot the seeds sown yesterday and sow New Seeds today and also cultivate them carefully.

Make sure you Watch October 1st and tell others also to watch it. And let me know what your thoughts are by tweeting at me @lanreolusola . Kunle Afolayan you are a GENIUS !!!!- The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola 

ABOUT THE AUTHOjumoke OduwoleR:

Professor Jumoke Oduwole  is a Lecturer in the Department of Jurisprudence & International Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos, Nigeria. She is a Holder of the Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity 2013 – 2015 Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, The Netherlands.