Gd morn,

Visualization is a key secret for phenomenal achievement.

It has also been used extensively year in year out by Top world class athletes?!

Michael Phelps is the perfect example.

He’s not only the most decorated Olympian in history, he’s one of the most talked about athletes in the world…

Interestingly Phelps publicly attributes much of his success to Visualization.

Phelps learned about the power of “mind training” from his coach Bob Bowman
when he was only 7 years old.

Every night before he goes to sleep, Phelps said he watched a “mental videotape” of himself swimming the perfect race, so he’s 100% prepared for the real thing.

So after watching the last Olympics, I began a research and discovered that a lot of the Top athletes also use Visualization as a tool for Self Actualization and Peak Performance.

To Achieve your own personal dreams and goals you also need to learn how to Visualize.

Begin to See your Vision or Dream with your “Mind’s Eye” Achieved already, Feel it, and Celebrate this Achievement in your Mind as though its Actually Happened in Reality. Remain in that state as you take Attendant action Daily UNTIL your Dreams Manifest in Really.


Believe that its Done
Declare it Done

Just as you Experienced during Visualisation. I.e Declare the Beginning from the End just Like your Creator does.

God knows the End from the Beginning

God says that without a Vision people are destroyed

According to gen 11:

Anything man imagines (Visualizes) will not be restrained from him.

Finally you have what you say.

Declare in line with your vision as though its already done.

As you do ALL of the above according to several research you will Create the same Physiological, Mental and Phychological responses as though it is happening in Reality.

Extra Extra….Your Special Affirmation to create your own miracles.

I am Successful and Fulfilled
My life is Filled with Blessings and Abundance

Every cell in my body and mind vibrates with energy of sound health and well being
I am worthy of Love
I Live to Love and Love to Live
I Create my own dreams and easily manifest them
I am Calm and Relaxed in Every Situation
My Gifts and Talents are Activated to Create my Dreams
I Daily Radiate Love and Happiness.
My Declaration has Enough Potent Power
to Produce
I Believe in Myself and Dreams
My Values Align with my Beliefs and Dreams
I Visualise in line with the Almighty’s Plan for me
I Actualize Everything I Imagine and Visualize
My Potential is Limitless
I am Unstoppable
I Achieve my Goals Effortlessly
I take Full Responsibility and take Charge of my life
I am Blessed


“The Catalyst”