As we continue to talk about LOVE this month, let’s not only think about LOVE in the regard of Romance and the Valentine Season

“LOVE is Life and a Life Saver” – The Catalyst

Let’s BEaWARE of the world’s Deadliest Silent KILLER …. DEPRESSION which is Triggered by a Life and Sense of Unhappiness; Sadness; Unworthiness and Lack of Self-LOVE.

Her demise was the most awful inheritance of all – Yahoo

The 21-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston was found face down and unresponsive in a bath-tub at her home in Georgia on Saturday (1 February), following a suspected drug overdose.

Whitney and Bobby

She was found by her partner Nick Gordon in tragically similar circumstances to her mother , who died in a bathtub from an ‘accidental’ drug overdose almost exactly three years ago.  A coroner concluded Whitney’s death was as a result of accidental drowning, though heart disease and cocaine use were contributing factors in her death.

At the center of most heart Dis-Ease, Drug Abuse, Substance Addiction and such related issues is ANGER and a sense of unfulfillment, lack of Satisfaction with one’s life and an absence of self-LOVE

No wonder the World Health Organization(WHO) Predicted that “Depression will be the world’s No 1 killer and source of disability by 2030”. It seems like “the chicken is coming home to roost” sooner than predicted by the WHO.

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We can HELP you get back on track to start to LOVE and LIVE again

LOVING Yourself, Others, Life and God is the first simple step to take.

UPDATE: Bobbi Kristina died at the age of 22 on Sunday, the 26th, 2015  at Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Georgia,months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub in the townhome she shared with Nick Gordon, a man she called her husband.

“Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away July, 26 2015, surrounded by her family. She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months,” Kristen Foster, a representative for the Houston family said Sunday.

Our prayers are with Bobbi Kristina’s  family at this time. Please say a prayer also  for as many that are in similar situations.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola


This article was originally written in February and last updated July 27th, 2015.