How Your Thoughts Can Heal Your Body


Have you ever had an insight or gained knowledge that both excites and scares you at the same time? 

We’ve all been superstitious at some point, or around those who are, who’ve said, “Watch out what you ask for, you just may get it.”

As it turns out there’s a whole lot more truth in this statement than we ever knew. 

For 23 years now, the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Program at Princeton University has been quietly compiling evidence that the human mind influences anything it focuses on.

This has been proven again and again in well over 50 million documented experiments! And this influence is even more pronounced when “bonded male/female teams work together”, focusing on a common theme.

Many of these experiments involved ordinary electronic machines. If the power of focusing the human mind can influence something as simple as a computer, imagine all the other implications…

Physical, mental and emotional health, Peace, Success, Happiness

Looking at our health as highlighted above as a key area that our thoughts affect, after all they say, “Health is Wealth”.

Scientists have now proven that an important influence of signals on the dis-ease process is Thought”– the action of the mind.

According to Dr Bruce Lipton PhD “95% of dis-ease is caused by stress and 100% of stress is caused by wrong beliefs”

Mind-related illnesses do not require that there be anything physically wrong with the body at the outset of the dis-ease.

Health is predicated upon the nervous system’s ability to accurately perceive environmental information and selectively engage appropriate, life-sustaining behaviours.

This simply means that, if a mind misinterprets environmental signals and generates an inappropriate response, survival is threatened because the body’s behaviours become out of synch with the environment.

We may not think that a thought could be enough to undermine an entire system, but, in fact, misperceptions can be lethal.

Consider the situation of a person with anorexia. While relatives and friends clearly perceive that this skin-and-bones individual is near death, the anorexic looks in a mirror and sees a fat person.

Using this distorted view that resembles an image in a funhouse mirror, the anorexic’s brain attempts to control a misperceived runaway weight gain, by inhibiting the system’s metabolic functions.

The brain, like any governing entity, seeks harmony and in my book The Catalyst Quote Book, you are presented with powerful quotes that will help you create harmony in your thought process.

Neural harmony is expressed as a measure of congruency between the mind’s perceptions and the life we experience.

An interesting insight into how the mind creates harmony between its perceptions and the real world is frequently illustrated in stage hypnosis shows.

A volunteer from the audience is invited onstage, hypnotized, and asked to pick up a glass of water, which the volunteer is told weighs one thousand pounds.

With that misinformation, the volunteer struggles unsuccessfully with straining muscles, bulging veins, and perspiration.

How can that be?

Obviously the glass doesn’t weigh one thousand pounds, even though the mind of the subject firmly believes that it does.

To manifest the perceived reality of a thousand-pound glass of water, something that cannot be lifted, the hypnotized subject’s mind fires a signal to the muscles used to lift the glass at the same time it fires contradictory signals to the muscles used to set the glass down!

This results in an isometric exercise wherein two groups of muscles work to oppose each other, which results in no net movement-but a lot of strain and sweat.

Our cells, tissues, and organs do not question information sent by the nervous system. Rather, they respond with equal fervor to accurate life-affirming perceptions and to self-destructive misperceptions.

Consequently, the nature of our perceptions greatly influences the fate of our lives.

While most of us are aware of the healing influences of the placebo effect, few are aware of its evil twin, the nocebo effect.

Just as surely as positive thoughts can heal, negative ones-including the belief we are susceptible to an illness or have been exposed to a toxic condition-can actually manifest the undesired realities of those thoughts.



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