Gd Morn,

“Obstacles are those painful, constraints and distractions you see when you loose FOCUS on your Goal”.

“Man is a Goal Seeking Animal, his life ‘only’ has meaning when he’s Pursuing his Goals in an unstoppable manner ”

“You are ‘ONLY’ as Strong as your BELIEFS; Every Tree is only as Strong as its ROOTS”.

“The ROOT Produces the Tree and the Tree Produces the FRUITS; Your BELIEF Produces your ACTIONS and Your ACTIONS Produce your OUTCOMES”
~ Catalyst (VSP Model)

“When You FOCUS on ‘what you don’t want’ through Visualization, Affirmation and/or Prayer that’s ALL you will get: FOCUS INSTEAD on What You Want; Then and ‘ONLY’ then Will You ATTRACT and/or CREATE it”


“The Catalyst”