With back to back wins and last season’s turn around which started around February 2015, Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal team haven’t looked back except through their rear view mirror as they leave opponents in their wake. From beating Liverpool 4-1, Newcastle 2-1, West ham 3-1, QPR 2-1, Everton 2-0, Chrystal Palace 2-1 etc.

Arsenal also won the FA cup back to back over two seasons by thoroughly thrashing Aston Villa 4-0; We now hold the record of 12 FA cup titles, the most held by any team in the UK. The winning spirit is back, we are now looking more like the former unbeaten team with 49 wins back to back, the days of Vieira, Henry, Perez may just be back!

2015/2016 pre-season kicked off on a wonderful note with the Asian, Emirates, and Carling Cups respectively already under the Arsenal belt and the confidence of beating Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team for the first time in 14 games… talk about breaking the jinx.

Beating Mourinho again by buying in my opinion one of the top 3 keepers in the EPL, Peter Cech is also a boost. Arsenal is no longer selling off talent but buying young talents and increasing players’ weekly wages to match what other clubs are paying

With this 100% record, what do we expect this season from Prof Arsene, who seems to have changed his ways? No need to wait too long for an answer as you probably saw (or heard, or tweeted about) the first EPL game for Arsenal where the club lost 2 nil today.

As usual, people are calling for Wenger’s (with Cech and his headgear somewhere in the mix) head with all the previous praises gone down the drain till the next time Arsenal wins a game or when Wenger does something fantastic.

It is very disappointing to start a promising season with a loss but is it fair to judge Arsenal’s entire season which is just beginning based on just one game?

As a dedicated fan and a Life Coach, I believe that you haven’t failed until you quit, I believe everything is possible and I believe in Arsene Wenger and his philosophy, he’s a great man. However, I hope he buys a new world class striker and defensive midfielder to sure up the attack and put steel in the midfield.

Wenger and the team must now learn from this defeat, put it behind them and come back stronger than they could ever be. Wenger’s mandate must now be to win more trophies as he seems to have successfully delivered on building a new stadium, creating an Arsenal football philosophy, making money and stabilizing the club.
I believe Arsenal is now better positioned to compete favorably for trophies in all competitions.