I am Blessed and Successful; I am a Peace Maker; I am called a child of God.
I build my Character on Truth and Righteousness.
I create true peace and I am at peace with God.
I daily live to Please God and not man
The Kingdom of Heaven is mine.
I am a Beacon of Truth, Justice and Righteousness.
I am the “Salt of the earth”
I remain the “Salt of the earth” in every given situation.

I always make the effort to positively affect and infect the world around me.
I have Great Value in God’s Sight.
I am a natural cleanser.
I am God’s cleanser here on earth.
I am the “Light of the world”
I see myself always as the “Light of the world”.
I am like a “city on a mountain” that is obvious for all to see.
I daily Live my Life with ALL these eight Beatitudes
I therefore glow like light.
The Almighty God is Light and Dwells in Light unapproachable.
I am Created in His Image and After his Likeness.
So Just as my Creator is Light so am I Light.
I am God’s light for a reason.
My Light daily shines before ALL men,
All men see my good works
They Constantly Glorify the Almighty God for Creating me.

In Jesus Name