I am Blessed and Successful Because I am Meek.
I am Humble, Gentle and Lowly.
I therefore inherit the whole earth.
I possess the land and I live in peace and prosperity.
Even though I am strong and powerful I am trained and disciplined, and therefore under God’s Control.
I am Meek and Strong
I am not weak, I am Bold.

I have the heart of a true servant.

I Come to Jesus anytime, I am weary and burdened, and I find rest.

I Take His yoke upon me and I learn from Him,
Because Jesus is Gentle and humble in heart,
In Him I find rest for my soul.
For His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

I am Blessed and Successful; I hunger and thirst for justice; I am satisfied.
I search for Righteousness always and I Live Right before God.
I am concerned about the welfare of others first.
I seek out what is honest and I stand firm even in the midst of challenges.
I receive God’s reward of Love, Honour, Justice and Peace.