Gd morn,

As You BEcome These ATTITUDES.

HERE is the Recommended PERCEPTION you Should have of Yourself:


You are the “Salt of the earth”

You Must Always see yourself as the“Salt of the earth’”
You Must Always remain the “Salt of the earth” in every given situation.
Because, if you lose your saltiness you become useless.
If a seasoning has no flavor, it has no purpose. It would no longer be a seasoning.

You Must always make the effort to positively affect and infect the world around you.
This is how you will have Great Value in God’s Sight. Anything contrary leaves you with little value to God.

Salt is a natural cleanser. You are God’s cleanser on earth.

You cannot afford; God cannot afford for you to blend in with everybody else in the world. Instead, you Must affect and infect others positively, just as seasoning brings out the best flavor in food.

You are the “Light of the world”

You Must see yourself always as the “Light of the world”.
You are like a “city on a mountain” that is obvious for all to see.
You cannot hide such a city that is sits on top of a mountain, especially in the dark because its light can be seen for miles.
If you daily Live your Life with ALL these eight Beatitudes you will glow like light.
The Almighty God is Light and Dwells in Light unapproachable.
After all you are Created in His Image and After his Likeness.
So Just as your Creator is Light so you are Light.

You hide that light IF you keep quiet or go along with the world system.
You hide or quench that Light IF you Live in Sin or ignore the needs of others.
You are God’s light for a reason. If a lamp doesn’t help people to see it isn’t worth much.

Finally in Summary, here are some questions you Must Answer:

•       Do you recognize your need for God and readily come to him in repentance?
•       Are you developing a humble and merciful attitude, wanting justice to be done, righteousness to rule and forgiveness to be given?
•       Are you making sure your hearts and minds are pure, and working to bring about peace?
•       Have you ever been persecuted for standing up for doing what’s Right before God If not, why?
•       Are you acting as God’s salt and light in a world that tries to destroy what is good?

Remember your Success and Blessing depend on your ATTITUDE.


“The Catalyst”