Gd Morn,

Gd morn,

Make these BEATITUDE declarations with me
I am Blessed and Successful; I realize that I am poor IN SPIRIT.
I Know that I Need the Almighty God.
I am Daily Developing an Intimate and Personal Relationship with Him.
God Blesses me because, He Knows me.
Even though I may daily fall short of what God wants me to be.
I Constantly receive God’s Love, Grace, Mercy, Favour and Forgiveness

I am Blessed and Successful; When I mourn, The Almighty comforts me.
I am poor in spirit and I am repentant.
I have the Spirit of Conviction and a Loving heart.
I Never take God’s Grace, Mercy, Love, Favour and Forgiveness for granted.
I am daily rewarded with Blessings, Success and Happiness because I do that which is right before God daily.
I am therefore Assured that even though I sin and am Truly Repentant – In Mourning; God Comforts and Forgives me
In Jesus Name

“The Catalyst”