Gd Morn,

Beatitude 8 – Math 5 vs 10

You are Blessed and Successful; If you are persecuted because you live to Please God and not man – The Kingdom of Heaven is yours.

If we live our live to please God only we will definitely suffer in the hands of worldly people.

2 Timothy 3:12. And John 15:20

By living righteously we separate ourselves from the world and make it known that we belong to God.

In today’s society to tell others that you live to only please God, is to bring on smirks and laughs, nasty comments, and sometimes even physical abuse on yourself.

The world may hate you If you become the Beacon of Truth, Justice and Righteousness.

You may be persecuted or picked on because of your faith. This can be really hard to understand, but we Must live with the Attitude that persecution can only make us better and stronger.

The fact that we experience persecution is evidence to show we are faithful to Godly Living.

In the future God will reward us by receiving us into his kingdom that will last forever, where there will be no more suffering.


“The Catalyst”