Gd morn,
Beatitude 4 – Math 5 vs 6
You are Blessed and Successful; When you hunger and thirst for justice. You will therefore be satisfied.
To want justice is to want what is Right before God, which is termed Righteousness.
Righteousness means right living.

Proverbs 21:21 says:
“You will find Love, Honour and Justice when you search for Righteousness”.
Justice and Doing what’s Right in God’s sight translates into being concerned about the welfare of others before ourselves.
It means seeking out what is honest and standing firm in the midst of challenges.
Our Reward from God, will be Love, Peace, Honour and Joy.
Being Righteous i.e Doing what is Right before God, not man is the Right Attitude.
We must do our best to want what is right for ourselves and other people and then God will make sure that we are satisfied.
Who’s Battle are you fighting?
Which Just cause are you standing for?
What are you standing against?
Do you consider what is Right before God and what may affect or infect  other people before you act?
Do you have the Attitude of Justice and Righteousness? 
Don’t you?


“The Catalyst”