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Based on discussions I had a while ago with some friends on bb, here are more Comments on Conflict Resolution in Relationships:

“I do think that people who love each other argue a lot, because they never find anything to fight about and sometimes they get into heated arguments just to find a reason to make up with sex”

“Arguments are inevitable in relationships, its how we handle/manage those arguments that is important”
~ Beatrice

“Those who don’t argue are either extra ordinary people or they are both pretenders”.

“I agree, but I often think that the whole arguing thing is misconstrued. “Peace” in a relationship can sometimes be overrated, as well as being bloody boring!
~Femi Atilade

“Why do people argue in the first instance? Argument for me is a powerful way of expressing oneself emotionally; now these emotional expressions vary with a loved one, friend, family or boss; for me I have no business with anybody I can’t have a healthy argument with”
~ Hadjia

“Argument ensues ONLY with people you have opened an emotional account with; Afterall what’s the point otherwise”

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