Gd Morn,

“As a man Thinketh in his heart so is he”

Approximately 70% of the World is Water.

Water is the Essence of Life.

Your Thoughts and Mind is your Matrix(Womb) of Creation.

According to Mr Masaru Emoto

90% of our body, 80% of our brain, 75% of Human Waste is water – you produce enough saliva in your life time that can fill two olympic size swimming pools.

After cremation of a body no matter its previous weight the ashes left weighs only 9 pounds; This means that the human body weight is mainly water trapped in our cells

Your Thoughts and Words have Potent Power over yours and other people’s bodies (it directly affects and infects the water in your body) be careful what you think and say.

Your Thoughts Generate a minimum of 8 Watts of Power, Affects and Infects your Atmosphere and Environment to a minimum of 8m radius around you.

4000 volunteers from 100 countries all over the world came to Washington DC the Crime Capital of the World and predicted that for one month they would collectively Think. Imagine and Meditate