Not everyone is smiling at Arsenal now, especially devoted Arsenal FC fans across the globe. Wenger and his boys were knocked out of the Champions League competition last night after what can be termed a good game by the lads.

For the Economist (Wenger) and Arsenal, in the business side of things, the chance of earning millions of Euro was thwarted last night. Fans lost the pride attached to the Trophy, but Arséne and his crew lost the millions of Euro represented by the Trophy. You should by now understand how painful such experience could be. If you are a fan, you don’t feel half of what these Football business men feel in such cases.

Looking even deeper into Arsenal’s exit from the UCL, it was a struggle, and Karma seemed to have played a major role. Arsenal’s failure to win in the first leg of the tie affected its victory in the second leg which Arsenal actually won last night.

Like I usually say, failure is your friend, not an enemy that has come to deprive you of  your desires. It only gives you feedback and point to you like a good adviser, what you are not doing right.

Wenger, in his interview with Sky Sport serenely said: “If you look at the numbers, we had a 98% chance to be out, but we did fight and produce the game we wanted…” You would agree with him if you watched the match.

He further said: “Football is not a fairy tale. It is a matter of being realistic and being clinical, maybe a bit lucky as well, maybe that is part of the game…”

It takes failure alone to teach a man who is not too sentimental about life such a powerful lesson. Beyond sports now, if you desire better results in life, you don’t just dream about it or write about it, you have to realistically act on it and take charge.


Arsenal could do with the trophy and earning some more cash but they are not doing badly in the finance department either thanks to Wenger’s financial prowess.

Take a look at this Deloitte Ranking on Match Day Gate Taking:

1) Real Madrid  €119m

2) Barcelona €117.6m

3) Bayern €87.1m

4) Man U €127m

5) Psg. €53.2m

6) Man city €46.2m

7) Chelsea €82.5m

8) Arsenal €108.3m

9) Juventus €38m

10) Ac Milan €26.4m.

Did you see Arsenal’s Figure? 4th highest Match Day Gate Taking earner!! That’s not a fairy tale…


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola