Arsenal has been one of the most amazing ‘statues in the museum’ of football sport. Its incredible manager, Arséne Wenger has majestically placed it there for Football lovers and sport analysts.

For Arsenal and its incredible manager Wenger, they go beyond the sport. Arsenal has been scaling through what can be called ‘depression’ in real life and the ’emotions’ of the team so to speak has remained balanced even amidst the unsatisfactory results it’s been getting for close to a decade now. A team like Arsenal is expected to have collapsed or relegated to primitive leagues, but its prominence is still visible and even enviable. What is responsible for the balance this team is experiencing even in the midst of persistent threats?

It is a public secret that “the condition of an organization is a reflection of the quality of the one who manages it”. The quality of an organization can never be better than the quality of its manager. So, the Arsenal we see today is a physical manifestation of the person of Arséne Wenger.

What would you do in the midst of criticism and seeming failure? What would you do when people who don’t really understand what you are going through continuously rake hot coals at your endeavors? Looking at Wenger, it is safe to say Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a secondary requirement for his duty as a team manager. Emotional Quotient (EQ) is what is primary to him. Amidst the criticisms and all the “Wenger Out” chants, he seems undeterred and remains driven by what he is set to actualize.

Good manager

For many, we only notice that the team has not been winning major trophies. Only very few really imagine the condition of this team. What with the young crop of players needed to be built, Structures needed to be put in place and most importantly, revenues that have to be made to sustain this club (Business).

As an intelligent man saddled with responsibilities, he had to plan and institute workable strategies. Very few understand this, but definitely his boss knows that and that’s why Arséne is still the manager till today. So, Arséne Wenger’s commitment is not just trophy lifting, he also needs to keep the club running. That’s who Arsenal’s owner need and that’s who Arséne Wenger is.

Arséne has proved himself to be the Angel for Arsenal FC. He keeps building players, selling them at amazing prices and taking care of the club’s bills. At the beginning of this season Arsenal reported a half-yearly turnover of about £148.5 million and despite bringing down an influx of players in Danny Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez et al, the Gunners reportedly have cash reserve amounting to 138.8 million. Having also paid off Emirates Stadium debt, Wenger is left with a £50 million summer war chest.

Now, Wenger has stabilized the economy of Arsenal and led them to the Promised Land. The stadium which claims millions of pounds every year has been paid off and Arsenal treasury still very buoyant. The team is now positioned and ready to start lifting trophies. In Business (Football is one) there are no rooms for sentiments… Get your game face on.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola.