While football is a great sport for fun and relaxation, there is  more than the variety of excitements exhibited on the green pitches. There are numerous business and life  lessons that are encoded therein.

Football is made up of different inspiring figures from all walks of life and one of the most intriguing thing is the nature of the sport. You can easily read the psychology of the players by the way they treat the ball when they have it. You can understand how a coach thinks by the way he builds and strategizes with his team on and off the pitch.

One of such coaches, is a man who has been able to retain his prominence in the world of the football. Although people see a football coach, Wenger exhibits the characteristics of not just a football coach but a life coach.

Who really is Arsene Wenger?

They call him ‘The Professor’

He is a Dietician

He is an Economist

He is definitely a Coach

He is a Manager

He is a Shareholder

He sits on the Board of Arsenal

He is a shrewd Investor

He is an astute Professional

He is a Tactician.

He is a strategist

He is Board room Savvy

He is Visionary

He is a father figure.

He is patient

He is a thinker

He has integrity

He is loyal

His words are his bond

He is a gentleman

He is a legend

He is Arsène Wenger


Arsène Wenger is a Football coach and manager, but his duties and their effects transcends the vicinity of the team he manages. He affects lives and raises giants. He doesn’t only coach football, he attached a purpose to it.

The above listed qualifications given to him are not mere guess works or exaggerations, they are very apt. Arsène Wenger is a typical example of a man who makes the most of his life by building and developing others. Like he would say: “My Job is to make people Happy”.

Of course his job is to coach football but obviously, he sees it differently. His Job is to make people happy. And that’s not something anyone can question as the results are there to see. Merging personality, purpose, and acquired skills into what he does, Wenger has been able to differentiate himself and remain one of the top coaches in the world of sports.

Fabregas Henry Van Persie

Raising  individuals from the unknown  to becoming world class champions. Players such as Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Francesc Fàbregas, Robin van Persie and Kolo Touré are few among the scores of those who may not have the name they have today if Wenger hadn’t believed in them and decided to invest in  their career growth.

“The one who makes it a habit to build others will never stop being significant even after he/she is no more” -The Catalyst

The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola.