So, I have decided to start  a series on Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. If you are an Arsenal fan like me, I am certain you are not too pleased with the club and its manager, especially after recent bouts of losses. However, I am going to do my best possible to be as objective as possible in the course of this series. We will look at the club and the prof, Arsene Wenger from different angles and I promise you will start seeing the subjects in new light. Today, let us look at Arsenal and Injuries.

It’s not rocket science, whoever has access to Professor Arsene Wenger should tell him that the regular injuries to the players is the result of too much Physical and Emotional Stress based on:

1) playing in unnatural positions.

2) demanding extra push due to short falls of certain natural players in particular positions.

Jack Wilshere

These generate fear, anxiety, strain, tension psychologically, emotionally and physically; Something has to give way sooner than later…..ankle, knee, hamstring etc

Let them play in their natural positions and give them good players in their other positions that equally complement them and the injuries will stop.

The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola