“All you know is all you have learnt and
All you have learnt, is not all there is to know

Your Life Experience is therefore
a Function of your Knowledge and Ignorance

– The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola

When talking about a winner, you look at his/her mindset, psychology and much more. You must first see yourself as a winner first before you can win. The manifestation of the price or the achievement of the desired outcome is a function of the internal picture of the individual.

You are a Winner in Life when you are Fulfilled:

  1. Having found your purpose
  2. When you’re living your Purpose
  3. When you know your passion and have engaged it
  4. When you have discovered your natural gifts and have activated and use them daily
  5. When you have found your natural habitat or environment and you’re operating effortlessly in this place

To be a winner, you must have a well-formed outcome, a vision and a mission that you are working towards achieving. A winner starts with the vision and the mission, then he creates an identity and a brand, he knows who he is and who he is not. A winner has a set of core beliefs and values that drive him and these beliefs align with his vision and identity.

A winner is able to tap into unlimited sources such as environmental, relational, psychological, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, mental and more; which are in line with his purpose, values, beliefs, identity and mission. When all these are in place, the right behavior kicks in, as well as the right habit then he is able to take the right action in the direction of his goals.

To be a winner, you must be flexible and dynamic enough to create an enabling environment within any space you find yourself. You should have the right relationships, surround yourself with the right people, coaches and role models.

Differences Between a Winner & a Loser

The difference between a winner and a loser is that a loser identifies the barrier in his environment and blames others for where he is. He points fingers and never accepts responsibility. A loser will complain about everything, including his country, being a ‘black man’, the family he was born into, and much more.

A loser will grumble that his inability to succeed is as a result of lack of connections, he allows his environment shut him down and consequently deploys behaviors that restrain and restrict him. These behaviors will lead to his inability to maximize his potentials.  A loser is hinged on who and what other people say he is, he doesn’t have a goal, and is constantly unclear about where he is going. He lives other people’s lives.

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