Gd Morn,

“Three things will Last FOREVER:
And the Greatest of these is LOVE.
~ 1 Cor 13:13

What is Love?

What is Faith?

What is Hope?

Today we will touch on Hope.

According to my Brother Tonye Cole

What is LIFE without Hope?

The Hope for a better tomorrow is what keeps so many of us returning each day to jobs we don’t particularly like.

The Hope for a brighter future keeps alive the dreams in our hearts that drive our inner desires to get better at what we do.

It is Hope for raising a family one day that kept us focused as young men/women to seek life time relationships.

It is the Hope for providing for the children we are blessed with that keeps pushing us to acquire more.

Hope is what makes you and I believe that somehow, tomorrow will usher in a change in the leadership of our nation that will improve our lot.

Hope indeed is a Very Powerful Force.

Hope however can be Transient, Fleeting or Temporary: That is so often dashed that one day it no longer remains Hope but becomes despair for what might have been…….

Hope can also be Permanent, Lasting or Eternal: That is Steadfast, Sure and Steady, leaving us Secure, Settled and at Peace that Surely ‘IT MUST’ come to pass.

What about Hope for LIFE today, tomorrow, everyday and even Eternal LIFE ?

Where Lies the Anchor of your Hope for LIFE Now and Eternal?

This is Your Guarantee….

Mine is in:

Jesus Christ.
The Spirit of the Living God
The Almighty and Sovereign Master.

May the Almighty, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth including its Inhabitants, Continually Be Merciful to Us ALL and Remain our LIFE Source and the Anchor of our Hope.
In Jesus name

“After all; It is ‘ONLY’ When you have LIFE that you can HOPE”


“The Catalyst”