Ants, although tiny creatures and most times seen as pests, are one of the most hardworking, diligent and focused creatures on earth. The life of the ant is a lesson on how to consistently succeed. Here are 7 success principles you should adopt from the ants.

Principle 1: Ants are daily driven by vision and purpose.

Ants always have long, medium and short term visions; they have objectives that they work towards. The ant never gets distracted by other activities; it sticks to its commitment and purpose and does not get involved in other activities.

Many of us today are distracted by many things like social media, entertainment, gadgets, movies, e.t.c. Social media and the other aforementioned distractions are necessary but don’t let it overtake your life. Spending a lot of hours on these “distractions” is rational when one’s means of livelihood is dependent on it.  What is distracting you from your purpose and vision? Be a person of vision and purpose!

Principle 2: Ants work as a team

Ants are natural team workers, they work together in order to achieve great results. They understand that together, everyone achieves more. They know that no man is an island by himself and no man can achieve anything all by himself alone.

In order for you to achieve anything meaningful and experience consistent success in life and your chosen field of endeavor, you need the right mentors, right spouse, right friends and right business associates to achieve phenomenal results. For you to be all that you want to be, you must be in the right relationships!

Principle 3: Ants know when to work hard and when to rest from work.

Ants understand seasons, they know when and what to do in any season or time. In summer, ants know that it is time to gather food, but in winter they hibernate to conserve their energy so that they won’t be killed by the cold weather. They completely withdraw from all kinds of work when it is time to rest.

Just like the ants, plan wisely for all seasons; schedule your periods of hard work and your periods of rest. Fun, recreation and rest are critical needs to man after toiling. Endeavour to create a harmonious life for yourself.

Principle 4: Ants are small but they think big!

They seem to be insignificant creatures but they are mighty. They are dedicated, diligent and intuitive; put a cube of sugar in a place, no matter how sealed or tight that place may be, ants will surely access the sugar. They take action and they make huge contributions to their colony.

Do you have a big dream? Do you pursue anything that you want? Do you know how to sniff out opportunities and transform them into reality? You need to reawaken your big dreams for your future today. If the ants can do it, so can you. Pursue your big dreams, think big; but like the ants, start small and grow very fast. Be like the ants and pursue something much bigger than yourself for once in your life.

Principle 5: Ants prepare ahead

Ants prepare their food in summer. Ants don’t procrastinate; they do what they need to do when to do it. The ant is smart; it saves and invests for the future. You have to think ahead and plan wisely for your future. What you do or do not do today, creates your tomorrow. You’ve got to maximize every moment you have, you’ve got to use every moment creatively to deliver the future of your dreams!

Principle 6: Ants carry only workloads that they can handle.

Although, these creatures are very small, they handle up to 100 times their own weight. They are dedicated and hardworking.  They know their potential and they know their limitations; they don’t carry anything less than their capacity.

Often times, people get overwhelmed because they take up too many things at the same time and most times this results to mental,  physical, emotional and spiritual ill health.  However, it is never advisable to do anything less than your capacity. Always ensure that you are in a stretch-zone, but don’t put yourself in a panic zone, neither should you stay in your comfort zone.

Principle 7: Ants serve one another.

Ants ensure that they are their brother’s keeper. They look out for each other and do not let one of their own suffer alone or die. They do what it takes to help and protect each other from danger.

No man is an island by himself; we need one another to survive.  A lot of people don’t understand that they need people to help them to become all that they were born to be. We all have needs and we all meet each other’s needs. Living just for yourself is a lonely existence. You should make service to humanity and helping other people fulfill their purpose, a priority in your life (not forgetting yourself in the process).


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The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola
Behavioral Change Psychologist