Many times, we look at others and their perceived successes and desire to be just  like them.  The truth is , to move from where you are to where you truly desire to be, you must be willing to do some work.This movement is hinged on three key things.

1. You need to first Accept who you are, be thankful for who God fashioned you to be.

2. Embrace the talents and gifts you have been given. You cannot embrace what you do not know so it is very important that you take time discover who you are and what your special and differentiating talents are. What makes you different from the next person?what do you do specially so well? Find it and embrace it

3. Now, you have accepted and embraced your gifts, the next step is to engage this  special gifts. What is not being utilized cannot bring you fulfillment. You have to ensure that these talents are fashioned  into becoming problem solving, what solution are you providing in your environment? Most importantly, you need to understand that your gifts are not like others, they are unique… Don’t try to do what others are doing. BE you, that’s what makes you special!

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