Yesterday was the 7-7-14 and 7 symbolizes the completeness and perfection of a season. We all know that When one season ends another season immediately begins

Today heralds the beginning of a New Season For you. Today is the 8th day and the number 8 Numerically and Spiritually symbolizes a New Beginning and a New Order. Now that the First half of the year is gone and the second part of the year begins, I declare that:

As your old season ended yesterday your new season began today
Receive the ability to create your own dreams, desired future and move all mountains before you
Everything that unfolds for you from today is positive and right for you Because you are bold, courageous and a doer
Your path shines brighter and brighter unto perfection
You will prosper in all that you do
You are health and wealthy
You find peace, happiness, fulfillment and joy with each passing day
You’re powerful and influential
You are the light of the world
You are the salt of the earth
You are a city set on a hill
You are unstoppable, indomitable and indispensable
You are a star
You are a child of the most high
And I believe in you
This is your catalyst Lanre, Olusola enjoy your new beginning in Jesus name Amen

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