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“It is better to remain single than to have a miserable marriage”

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things God has ordained for man on earth. It is more serious than most people realize. It’s one relationship that is easy to enter but almost impossible to exit.

Many people are in ugly marriages today because they have not taken time to study what works. Marriage could be very complex where people are ignorant. What you know about marriage will determine how you feel about it. Can I ask you, what are you looking out for in a man? What you are looking for is what you will attract. I want to share reasons why you should marry.
A successful wedding cannot  equate to a fulfilling marriage. If you miss God’s idea of marriage, you have missed the fulfilling part of marriage. For you to experience a fulfilled marriage you must understand what I call the “Two Dimensions of Marriage”.

1. The CONCEPT of Marriage .
This refers to the purpose of marriage. A non-Christian cannot understand the essence of marriage, because the concept is divine. The human knowledge has no capacity to comprehend the concept, except it is revealed by study or teachings. For man to understand this concept then man needs revelational knowledge. You must marry on purpose not just for pleasure and passion. You must marry for values and not for vain things. Marry wisdom not wealth; wisdom is better than money. Marry for intention not for attraction,because intention will keep you when attraction is gone. The concept reveals God’s mind about marriage.

2. The CONDUCT of Marriage
A conduct is knowing how you do things right. Most people say YES I DO without knowing what to do. It is important for you to become the right person, so also it is for you to do the right things. Your behavior toward your partner, how you relate with each other, your communication skills, how you resolve conflicts, are all conducts of marriage. The right conduct may not really give you the right outcome until you understand the right concept.

” If it is God’s will for you to be married, then it is necessary for you to be marriage-able, to marry right, to marry the right person and do the right things in marriage”

Now, let’s talk about “3 Major Reasons” why marriage is good for you;


Marriage is for two opposite sex who are whole and not lonely. This does not mean that you need someone to be whole or fulfilled on your assignment, but you need someone to help you become more productive. However, not having a spouse does not make you less capable. Two are better than one. Marriage is so important to God so it should be important to man. Being single is not a disease that needs a cure. Marriage was designed for relationship.

A companion will love you for who you are and be ready to make you better than he/she met you. A companion is someone who understands both your strength and your weaknesses. You need  someone who complements you. A companion is someone who is willing to share his/her life, and willing to give himself or herself to his/her partner. My recommendation to you is that you need to be friends before becoming lovers.

“A good Companion is a great Collaborator”


A woman is taken out of a man’s rib to become his team mate. Marriage is not for a lonely heart. Marriage is for two opposite sex to fulfill God’s mandate on earth. Marriage is for two people who are willing to work together as a team. A man has a purpose and so does a woman. Both must help each other achieve or fulfill God’s purpose.

Collaboration has to do with achieving goals and objectives, meeting each other’s needs and helping each other to fulfill God’s mandate. A man has a purpose, and a woman has a purpose, for this reason they will both come together to meet needs. Man and woman can cleave to each other, collaborate and become one.

Collaboration at maximum levels requires couples to collaborate in a varieties of ways over time. A collaborator is someone who has something to offer. In a relationship where you don’t have anything to offer, then someone must suffer.

“A great couple is a great team”

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