Some days back, I shared the first set of my quick tips to developing a healthy self worth and self esteem, read them here if you haven’t done so. Today, I will share  more tips and I hope that they help you.

More tips for a healthy self worth and self esteem 

12. Always have kind things to say about people, including you. Watch your internal communication, think and say only positive things.
13. Avoid as much as possible situations and people that leave you feeling bad about yourself and spend more time concentrating on experiences which are likely to be successful and rewarding.
14. Do not assume you are not important; everyone needs somebody.
15. Be genuinely nice, volunteer to help, and pay others compliments.
16. Do something good for someone else, especially the poor, the less privileged, orphans, e.t.c
17. Take responsibility for your own actions and reactions to other people’s actions: as we cannot change other people, we need to focus on changing our attitudes towards other people.
18. Act now! Do not be afraid to do certain things … Try them now you may just never know
19. Set Long, medium and short term goals commit to them and focus on achieving all your goals. Make working on these goals your daily routine. See the BIG Picture: Use The Catalyst Goal Dashboard to create your Goals.
Goal Dashboard
20. Measure and celebrate your progress no matter how little. Ensure that you set milestones and how you will celebrate them ahead of time. Once you achieve these milestones acknowledge them and reward yourself
21. Anticipate barriers that may stop you and plan ahead towards how to overcome these obstacles. Once you overcome them reward and celebrate this achievement
22. Listen to my audio affirmations everyday with headphones and also invest in our Self Mastery & Emotional  Mastery Audio Bundles.

If according to your test score from our self esteem test, your self esteem is low, do see a certified coach or therapist to start work with you immediately. You can also email us: or call 08077077000 to order our mastery bundles and products; book a session with me or one of our coaches. Give yourself the permission to succeed by developing and improving your self worth and self esteem to a healthy level.


The Catalyst, Lanre Olusola