1. Know that the power of choice is in your hands – You either accept or reject opportunities when they come to you. You may find these opportunities coming in various forms, often times disguised as something else. The choice, as always is yours on how to deal with them.

2. Focus your attention on what you want. What you focus on is what you will attract – When you experience challenges and decide to focus on the possibilities within, everything will become possible for you.

3. Watch less TV, do more of positive things and read positive books. Pick up a new hobby

4. Develop the habit of thinking and speaking positively – There are no possibilities where negativity resides.

5. Always be around positive minded people – You become like the people you spend most of your time with. Want to experience possibilities? Be around people who believe all things are possible  and take the necessary actions to make them happen.

6. Develop a win-win mentality

7. Be selfless – Often times, the best opportunities come to you when you are not thinking about yourself but trying to add value to others.

8. Invest in yourself – Possibilities are not accidental, you have to be prepared for when they do come. Position yourself, get a new degree, take a short course, learn a new language, read a new book, attend a seminar, get a certification… Whatever you do, invest in yourself as you are with YOU every day for the rest of your life.

9. Learn to forgive, release, and love.

10. Stop focusing on speculations

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The Catalyst,

Lanre Olusola